Welcome to our Hub. Kalakaari Studios.

Unifying together the diverse possibilities of the internet world, working on all permutations & combinations; delivering one stop solutions for all your concerns regarding Branding, Online Advertising, Content Production and Distribution and furthermore.

We stand on the pillars of integrity, resourcefulness and empathy. Our founding principles of creativity coupled with experience ensuring sustainable relationship with your clients by engaging them with your product by the means of electronic media and the like.

Our Mission

Watch us be like the MAGICIANS: throw your problems at us and see them fade away.

Working for endless hours ensuring the peace of yours remains intact. Our friendly learned and professional team members who are willing to help, inspiring and providing problem solving environment to you. Kalakaari studios provide interactive solution to all your problems related to digital marketing and branding.

We have specially designed one on one program for understanding your concerns and delivering the best out of it. We have got a series of products for you to choose from according to your marketing needs. Just give us a call over it and Kalakaari Studios will work as per your brand management.

Our Vision

Spinning the impossible into possible and finding solution for every problem.

In the era of virtual assistants like Siri, Google and Alexa etc., on a growth curve of innovation where we predict the upcoming market trends on all the digital media platforms with our very own created technology. Our vision is to emphasize on making such technology which will assure you the rise of your product between the targeted audiences in digital marketing field.

All this and much more, just to bring to you the very best experience.

Our Team

Keshav Seksaria

Co-Founder, CEO

Tarun Joshi

Co-Founder, CTO

Mohit Guhe

Co-Founder, CMO & CSO

Akshat Sharma

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Anjali Chourasiya

Social Media Strategist

Somesh Gupta

Social Media Manager

Yash Kathed

Creative Content Head

Aditya Mishra

Senior Content Writer

Yash Maheshwari

Content Writer

Lucky Malviya

SEO Strategist

Aditya Upadhyay

Head of Production

Ayushi Bansod

Influencer Manager

Shivanchal Gupta


Our Values

Precision. Creation. Perfection.

Brand innovation is always demanding. To strategize your brand in order to reach the right audience through SEO or SMM the role of analytics and data management plays a very crucial role. Our experts make it their priority to analyze the latest market trends and with proper research and review, delivering you the right strategy for your brand precisely. To create from the ground zero and making it a whole is the specialty of our team. We make the unique content. Apart from the running market trend of branding our content and work expertise comes alive. We at Kalakaari Studios deliver you the Perfection of your needs according to the current branding trends.

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