Have you ever thought about how technology has made us, in some ways, numb to its remarkable potential? Think about it, when was the last time you were stopped in wonder by new innovations in technology?

On that note, LetsPy is India’s biggest Python Programming Boot Camp for 2 days welcome you in the threshold of the hi-tech world, where, technology and magic are combining to transform possibility.

We have seen people walk on the moon in them, but how has that been possible?

We have another human tech relationship in the domain of AI. The ethical, legal and regulatory dimension of Al is, We believe the most important that we must Confront in order to both unleash AI’S beneficent potential while simultaneously protecting ourselves from possible outcomes.

Let’s face it, virtual reality has its limitation, but what if you could take off that clunky headset and actually experience new worlds in a real-life holodeck.

At first, this question may seem akin to impossible questions like “What is the meaning of life?” or “Which came first…?” Perhaps though, we are looking at “learning” the wrong way around.

What if we asked, “How do we inspire students’ curiosity?”

All of us have fallen down a rabbit hole of curiosity, whether on Wikipedia, YouTube or in the Library. One line of questioning leads to the next and suddenly, you’ve been at it for a half hour and learned more than you ever thought you would about the history of Egypt’s Pharaohs, Julie Andrews’ musical career, or how to survive in the rainforest.

Most importantly, this impulse to follow a trail of knowledge tells us something important about learning: curiosity can be our greatest tool for motivation.

Now, more than ever, the wonders of this amazing world are at the fingertips of almost every student on the planet. And this is what a classroom might look like if we’re able to utilize the internet right.

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